Sunday, January 11, 2009


You gotta love a movie book that lists films under subheads that really matter. ''The Handy Hunk Chart'' (featuring Ralph Fiennes' and Matt Dillon's ''Top Drool Pics''), ''and ''Hoopskirt Dreams: Dresses-to-Die-for Movies'' (The Age of Innocence) are just a few of the helpful categorizations that make this snarky little review compilation such a hoot. Peske and West's hilarious observations range from the trenchant (''Sandra Bullock...can take off a knit cap and not have hat head much less flyaway'') to the feverish (''Vincent Perez is so beautiful, he'll make your joints ache''). Cinematherapy: The Girl's Guide to Movies for Every Mood is a must for your next girls' night in.