Sunday, May 24, 2009

~How to Dress Like... Isla Fisher

How to Dress Like Isla Fisher
By eHow Fashion, Style & Personal Care Editor

Isla Fisher is an actress who has been in movies such as "Wedding Crashers" and "The Lookout." Her fashion is described as funky and fun. She combines old world glamor with modern trends. This guide can help you find ways to dress like her.


Step 1
Select simple dresses when you want a casual look. Isla Fisher is often seen in dresses and skirts rather than pants. She looks nice, but is still comfortable.

Step 2
Put together an outfit that mimics her casual style. An example would be the Self Tie Summer dress from Staxs with the Rosebud Lace Cap Sleeve jacket from Jacqui E. For accessories, wear Pulp Paris shoes from Hannah and Rhodim Plate Cross necklace from Dotti.

Step 3
Get a dark print skirt and a white shirt. Wear these with a long black overcoat and brown shoes. She wore this outfit with a brown purse.

Step 4
Copy her red carpet look. Isla Fisher wears low-cut fitted dresses that show off her curves. She pulls off a look that's both sexy and elegant.

Step 5
Build an outfit based on one she's worn. This can be done with a Basic slip from Supre, Tiered Ghost skirt from Staxs and Sachi Delfine shoes from Overland Footwear. Wear the skirt high on your waist.

Step 6
Go out in a dark-blue gown. Isla Fisher wore a dress that had a halter-style top and flowing bottom. This was accessorized with a silver clutch, diamond drop earrings and a pair of white-gold, diamond caviar bangles. A cheaper option is jewelry made with cubic zirconium.

Step 7
Wear a purple dress with gold accents. She wore this to the "Wedding Crashers" premiere in New York with a gold bracelet and matching clutch.