Friday, July 3, 2009

~Make me smile more

Recently the small company I work for stopped paying our insurance. Funny I have had insurance my whole life & never really needed it. Now that I don't have it I suddenly have gotten some teeth issues. Thanks to impacted wisdom teeth and 70s-80s silver fillings. I found this online & would LOVE to win it. I don't have really bad teeth but, nor do I want them to get worse either. Help a girl out & vote for me :D

Please Follow these simple instructions to cast a vote for me to win a smile makeover! (The more votes I get the better chance I have of winning)

1) Go to
2) Select the link that says, A $10,000 SMILE MAKEOVER"
3) Select the "Vote Now" with the orange star on the bottom right side of the page

4) Enter My Winning Code: ams-18073