Saturday, December 26, 2009

~Movie Color Hue Theme & You ...The Wedding Date

The Wedding Date movie gives you the classic "Something Blue" theme. Kat even has the lovely matching blue bags to go with her signature color.

~Movie Color Hue & You ....The Accidental Husband

This movie (like many wedding themed movies) uses Tiffany blue as it's theme. This color makes you think of wedding rings and that famous pretty blue little boxes. As a plus the color matched perfectly with Uma Thurman eyes.

~Movie Color Hues & You...Amelie

Have you ever been watching and noticed that certain colors run through out a film? It's true they do this on purpose. They use it to convey emotions or to simply match an actors eyes. I find myself looking for it now while watching favorite films. So next time make sure to see if you can find that special color :)

"Follow the Blue Arrows: Looking Closely atThe color blue is used symbolically in the visual design of Amelie to represent happiness. Watching Amelie to gather info on the visual design of the film lends itself to the realization that to write a paper on the overall visual design of the film would take dozens of viewings and a book worth of analysis. With that in mind, the focus of this analysis is on a repeated visual design theme: the timely, strategic, and meaningful placement of blue lighting and blue objects to augment and represent the themes of the story, specifically, the theme of happiness.The main set colors in Amelie are green red and yellow. Volumes could be written about the set design, color, and decoration, and how it illustrates each character's personality, but as stated earlier the focus is the importance of the use of the color blue in the set, the props, character's clothing, and lighting. Compared to the reds and greens blue is relatively rare, but very easily noticeable throughout the movie. While it is possible that blue objects coincidently appear at important times, and rarely anywhere else, knowing Jean-Pierre Jeunet's reputation as a highly visual."

Friday, December 25, 2009

~I'm A Fool To Want You

~Give me your hand....

Merry Christmas to all my dear blogger friends. I have been so busy the last few weeks & I am afraid I haven't had the time to do any blogging. But, with a 3 day week-end ahead I am hoping to get some in.

With New Years ahead of us I would like to share with you how to wear gloves. Gloves haven't really been getting a proper showing lately. Which is sad for they add an air of elegant to a woman. Bride's too might want to take note of this. For a Bride wearing the right gloves looks timeless.

First off The Opera-Length Glove. The the 16-button glove, also known as the opera-length glove, extends to the upper arm and accents a sleeveless or strapless gown.

2-button: Also known as "shorties", these are wrist-length gloves, generally 8 to 9 inches long.

8 button = mid forearm length

Look for gloves that complement your dress. Pair simple gloves with fancy dresses or fancy gloves with simple dresses. If you are wearing a long sleeved dress. Skip the gloves. The gloves are meant to be seen.

Put your gloves back on if you have taken them off for any reason, and wear them for your formal photographs.

If you are a Bride Slit the seam of a long glove at the underside of the ring finger to be able to slip your finger out during the ceremonial ring exchange - resew the seam after the wedding. If you opt for shorter wrist-length gloves, you can simply remove the glove and hand it to a bridal attendant.

Finally keep your gloves off while you're eating and drinking. You don't want to be shaking hands later with stained gloves.