Wednesday, January 30, 2008

~OoohLaLa of Beverly Hills Cocktail Hour Bubble Bath

This luxuriously frothy bubble bath is cleverly packaged in a martini shaker which allows you to gradually add it to running water to achieve the perfect amount of suds. Powdered goats milk with extracts of lemongrass and aloe vera condition and soften the skin as you relax. A great gift for a friend who prefers their cocktails shaken not stirred.
$19 at

~Fortune Cookies Fizz

These fortune cookies fizz away in your bath leaving behind an incredible cookie fragrance, and your very own fortune. Six individually wrapped cookies come packaged in a take-out style gift box. Available in original, New Mommies and Cookies for the Cure versions.
$20 at

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

~Bathing in Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate cookies that fizz in the bathtub and smell like something fresh from the oven.

~Pink Champagne Chocolates

A pretty pink gift box of sixteen Pink Champagne truffles. Made up of a strawberry flavoured chocolate shell with a milk chocolate Marc de Champagne truffle centre. Dusted with icing sugar.

Monday, January 28, 2008

~I Love Toast...I mean you

Express your love with the undeniable romantic appeal of toast! Just press this 3-3/4" x 3" plastic I Love You Toast Stamper into a piece of bread, remove it, then put your bread in the toaster on a dark setting. The resulting toast will be emblazoned with the proclamation of your infatuation

~Always kiss me goodnight

These pillowcases will remind her of the first kiss you shared and remember how much you truly care! And your dream of a big kiss can easily come true when you two fall asleep with these under you!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

~Love Letter Purse Mirror

This is one Valentine she’s sure to open again and again. Designed to look like a love letter, our silver-plated purse mirror is embellished with a love stamp and priority-mail postal mark. Inside, the mirror faces a heart-shaped frame for a favorite photo of her fondest admirer.

~Monogram Candle

Fill any room with the rich fragrances of Archipelago Botanicals Monogram Candles. The letter itself gives a hint of the essential oil blend that waits inside. Choose "H" for Hyacinth and Lavender, "J" for Jasmine & White Lilies - or from any one of the other twenty-two available fragrances.

~Icing on the Cake Martini

1 shot spiced rum (recommended: Captain Morgan's) 1/2 shot butterscotch schnapps 1/2 shot vanilla schnapps 1 shot half-and-half Ice Candy confetti, for garnish
Add all ingredients, except candy confetti, to cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with a sprinkle of candy confetti.

~Art of Kissing

Add some romance to any occasion. Thought you knew it all? You may have missed some of the subtler intricacies.


Lip Balm - I DoChampagne flavored deliciousness...I think it'll be the toast of your bridal party. Makes a great party favor for weddings and bridal showers, bridesmaids and guests!!Pookie cares! A portion of the proceeds from every Pookie Lip Balm is donated to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, the nation's leading industry-based, nonprofit AIDS fundraising and grant-making organization.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

~Takes the cake

The cutest lipgloss around!

Yum! These delectable little lipgloss cupcakes are super cute and very yummy. There are 6 delicious flavours to choose from including: Wildberry Tart, Rasberry Cream, Cream Tart, Chocolate Cream, Strawberry Cream and Chocolate Sprinkle. Cupcake Lipgloss are self-contained in a plastic cupcake-shaped container with a flip-top lid.

Keep one in your bag, one at home and bring one to work. But keep an eye on them from your jealous friends!

~Pink Champagne Cake

1¼ hours 20 min prep 16-20 servings 1 cake

18 1/4 ounces white cake mix, no pudding, and must be white to taste champagne
1/2-3/4 cup champagne, chilled (pink, white, sweet, dry)
1 cup butter, softened
4 cups powdered sugar
1/4 cup milk
1/4 cup champagne
1 tablespoon vanilla
5-5 1/2 cups additional powdered sugar

Use a box of white cake mix (NO pudding) and substitute champagne - 1/2 to 3/4 cup to replace all of the liquid called for in the cake mix. So if the box says 3/4 cup water replace with 3/4 cup champagne. I did use one that had 1 1/4 cups water and replaced with champagne, just depends on the cake mix brand you buy. The kind of champagne/sparkling wine (pink, white, sweet, dry) used will determine the flavor. I usually just buy the cheap pink sparkling stuff in the grocery store, it's sweet and yummy in this!
Tint with red food coloring to a soft pink, use a drop at a time, this stuff will stain, probably take about 3 drops.
Bake cake as instructed on box. I usually make in 9x13-inch pan, but for an elegant layer cake use two 9 round cake pans, a heart pan would be perfect for Valentine's Day!
Creamy champagne frosting:.
Beat 1 cup softened butter for 30 seconds. Gradually add 4 cups powdered sugar.
Beat in 1/4 cup milk, 1/4 cup champagne, and 1 TB vanilla.
Beat in 5-5 1/2 more cups powdered sugar till you can spread it or is consistency you want.
Add red coloring till pink color, again slowly add a drop at a time till color you want. Frost completely cooled cake.
This is excellent served the next day after being refrigerated all night so the flavors can blend!

~Peony bath set

Great find!Maison de Mode Peony Bath Set includes: shower gel, bath crystals, body lotion, body butter, rose-shaped soap confetti, and body scrub all in decorative case.

~Perils of Love


~Sofia's Paris

Sofia Coppola's Paris
This city can change your mood completely," said the director Sofia Coppola as we walked down Rue Madame in the Sixth Arrondissement of Paris. During the filming of "Marie Antoinette," she lived in a rented apartment on the Boulevard Saint-Germain, two doors from the famous Café de Flore. "We would have production meetings there," said Sofia, who was wearing jeans, a navy V-neck sweater and ballet flats. "I've always loved this part of Paris. My parents have an apartment close by. Even though my family is Italian, we came here a lot when I was really little. And then I came to Paris as a teenager: I spent two summers interning at Chanel. You naturally feel a connection to certain places, and, for me, Paris is one of them. I would look at my parents' French friends and think, "That's what you're supposed to be like when you grow up."
Sofia stopped at Odorantes, a tiny flower shop that specializes in bouquets that are organized by scent rather than by color. Bouquets in Paris, unlike floral arrangements in America, usually consist of one flower or one hue. "I found this shop by wandering through the neighborhood," she said, while waiting outside for the flowers to be arranged. "When I shop, it's not so much about buying. Whether you get something or not, when you go in a store, you see what Paris is like."
For a few days last May, I accompanied Sofia through several Paris neighborhoods: the Marais, the Rue du Faubourg St.-Honoré, the Palais Royale. We visited the restored Museé de l'Orangerie to see the Monet waterlilies in their original home, and we gazed into the Seine from the Pont Neuf, but, mostly, we shopped as if we were engaged in a kind of sociological study of French customs and style.
Near the Place Vendôme, Sofia stopped at the custom shirtmaker Charvet, where she was having some of her mother's Yves St. Laurent shirts from the 1970's recreated as silk dresses. We went to the luggage store Goyard and admired the classic trunks that once belonged to the Duchess of Windsor. At Dary's, a jewelry shop that specializes in antique pieces, Sofia tried on an aquamarine ring fromthe 20's, and at Hermès, we watched the other customers in the large, crowded store compete for the privilege of buying their coveted handbags. At Benneton Graveur, she studied the engraved stationery, particularly a notecard topped by a French and an American flag. Sofia is expecting her first baby in December with her boyfriend, Thomas Mars, the singer in the band Phoenix. Mars is from Versailles, and Sofia plans to have the baby in Paris, where the couple have just purchased an apartment. "This card will be perfect," she said,admiringly.
In the Marais, we went to K. Jacques, a tiny shop that specializes in all types of classic leather sandals. The simplicity of the shoes immediately conjured up images of sunning in St.-Tropez. We stopped at a vintage magazine and bookstore called Les Archives de la Presse, which Sofia discovered while she was filming Marie Antoinette's birthday party at the National Archives nearby. "We could never have shot this movie anywhere else," she said. "Everything about France influenced the film: the light here is different, the way the French hold themselves is different. In America, we're all in such a rush. Here, they have lifestyle priorities. For instance, the French crew insisted on a proper lunch break. They set the table, and they had wine, and no matter what was happening, you could not cut their lunch short. In America, it would be a quick sandwich and back to work. Here, everyone takes their time."
Sofia first considered making a film about Marie Antoinette during a dinner at Chez Omar, one of her favorite restaurants in the Marais. Dean Tavoularis, the Oscar-winning production designer, who has worked extensively with her father, had researched that period for a movie he didn't end up doing, she explained. "And he started telling me things about Marie Antoinette, like how young she was and her weird relationship with her husband, Louis. I've always been interested in the 18th century, and the story behind her persona intrigued me."
In many ways, the finished film is an homage to all things Français, from the perfection of the period costumes and wigs to the clashing modernity of the post-punk 80's soundtrack. Just as "Lost in Translation," Sofia's previous film, captured the beautiful strangeness of Japan,"Marie Antoinette" is a glimpse into the sense of refinement that still exists in Paris. "I have always been influenced by French films," said Sofia, as she paid for the extraordinarily fragrant purple-pink roses that took 20 minutes to arrange. "I remember seeing 'Breathless' as a teenager and liking that not everything was explained. In American movies, you have to explain everything. The French leave things a little mysterious." Sofia walked toward the river and peered into the windows of various antiques shops, looking for a chandelier for her new apartment. She went past a vintage shop on a tiny street, but it was closed. In the window was a slinky black jersey Jean Muir dress displayed on a mannequin. The Cannes Film Festival was in a few days, and Sofia was looking for gowns. "I like that in Paris, you have to get it together," she said. "It's nice to see people dress up for dinner. After I interned at Chanel in the 80's, I went back home to my little town in the Napa Valley, but I was changed forever. Everyone thought I was strange because I was getting French Vogue."
After writing down the peculiar hours of the vintage shop, Sofia headed to the Jardin du Luxembourg. "My father was so taken with this place that he built a little fountain in Napa based on the fountain here," she said, as she walked down the wide gravel path that leads to the heart of the garden. She motioned to a bench. "This place has always been emotional for me." Right before she was about to get married to Spike Jonze (now her ex-husband), and before her first movie, "The Virgin Suicides," was shown in Cannes, the stress had got to her: "I just sat here and cried." She would come here while filming "Marie Antoinette" when she had serious things on her mind. "The beauty of this garden would always reassure me," she said. "Paris has a way of restoring your faith."
Azzedine Alaïa Boutique and shoe store. 4 Rue de Moussy; 011-33-1-42-72-19-19.
Benneton Graveur Stationery. 75 Boulevard Malesherbes; 011-33-1-43-87-57-39.
Bois de Rose Classic smock dresses for girls. 30 Rue Dauphine; 011-33-1-40-46-04-24.
Bonpoint Children's clothes. 320 Rue St.-Honoré; 011-33-1-49-27-94-82. Go to for more locations.
Galerie 213 Sofia especially likes the photo books. 58 Rue Charlot; 011-33-1-43-22-83-23.
Charvet Custom shirts and more. 28 Place Vendôme; 011-33-1-42-60-30-70.
Clignancourt Flea Market Sofia shops here for furniture. Porte de Clignancourt (Sat.-Mon.).
Dary's Antique jewelry. 362 rue St.-Honoré; 011-33-1-42-60-95-23.
Deyrolle Taxidermy in a beautiful space. 46 Rue du Bac; 011-33-1-42-22-30-07.
Didier Ludot Vintage couture. 20-24 Galerie de Montpensier; 011-33-1-42-96-06-56.
Pharmacie Homeopatique Weber For beauty products not available at home. 8 Rue de Capucines; 011-33-1-42-61-03-07.
Free "P" Star Vintage clothing. 8 Rue Ste.-Croix-de-la-Bretonnerie; 011-33-1-42-76-03-72.
Goyard Classic luggage. 233 Rue St.-Honoré; 011-33-1-42-60-57-04.
Hermès Sofia shops here for notebooks and bags. 24 Faubourg St-Honoré; 011-33-1-40-17-47-17.
Jöelle Ciocco Skin care. 8 Place de la Madeleine; 011-33-1-42-60-58-80.
K. Jacques Leather sandals. 16 Rue Pavee; 011-33-1-40-27-03-57.
Lanvin Albert Elbaz's take on French tradition. 22 Rue du Faubourg St.-Honoré; 011-33-1-44-71-31-73.
Les Archives De La Presse Vintage magazines. 15 Rue des Archives; 011-33-1-42-72-63-93.
Marc Jacobs Palais Royal, 34 Rue de Montpensier; 011-33-1-55-35-02-60.>
Odorantes Flowers. 9 Rue Madame; 011-33-1-42-84-03-00.
Pierre Hardy One-of-a-kind shoes. Jardins du Palais Royal, 156 Galerie de Valois; 011-33-1-42-60-59-75.
Sabbia Rosa Lingerie. 73 Rue des Sts.-Pères; 011-33-1-45-48-88-37.
Serge Lutens Perfume. Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido, Jardins du Palais Royal, 142 Galerie de Valois; 011-33-1-49-27-09-09.
Restaurants and Bars
Café de Flore Centuries-old artiste hangout. 172 Boulevard Saint-Germain; 011-33-1-45-48-55-26.
Le Castiglione Known for its cheeseburgers. 235 Rue St.-Honoré; 011-33-1-42-60-68-22.
Chez Allard Famed old bistro noted for poulet de bresse. 41 Rue St.-André des Arts; 011-33-1-43-26-48-23.
Chez Omar Excellent couscous, exceptionally popular. 47 Rue de Bretagne; 011-33-1-42-72-36-26.
Gerard Mulot Pastries and chocolate. 76 Rue de Seine; 011-33-1-43-26-85-77.
Bar Hemingway Classic bar with great cocktails. Hotel Ritz Paris; 15 Place Vendôme; 011-33-1-43-16-33-65.
Ladurée Historic tea salon beloved for its macaroons. 16 Rue Royale; 011-33-1-42-60-21-79. Go to for more locations.
Le Voltaire Chic bistro on the river. 27 Quai Voltaire; 011-33-1-42-61-17-49.
Mathis Supertrendy bar. 33 Rue de Ponthieu; 011-33-1-53-76-39-55.
Clockwise from top left, the taxidermy shop Deyrolle; strolling on Rue Jacob; confections at Gerard Mulot.
Clockwise from top left: Bouquets on Rue de Tournon; Sofia Coppola on a shopping break; the Fontaine de Medicis, designed in 1624, in the Jardin du Luxembourg; Azzedine Alaïa's boutique
Clockwise from top left, at Goyard; in the Jardin du Luxembourg; a panopoly of shirting fabric at Charvet; an artwork by Lotta Hannerz in the Fontaine de Medicis; at the Clignancourt flea market.
Being fitted for a dress by Azzedine Alaïa; at Le Voltaire; perusing the menu at Le Castiglione
Clockwise from top left: Flowers at Odorantes; Lanvin; fresh pastries at Ladurée; Sofia in a contemplative moment.
Photography: Andrew Durham for The New York Times

~Dame de Lotus, Emilie Simon

~Everyday Wine

~Everyday foods with reasonably priced wine Current mood: amused
It's inevitable, says Rick Webster, owner of Rolf's in Newport Beach, Calif. "People are drinking wine more regularly. They're not saving it for weekends and special occasions," he said. This means we're picking weeknight wines for weeknight dishes. And although the fare is simple, the wine choices aren't always obvious.
What about the challenge of a palate-pleasing wine to accompany the humble bologna sandwich? Manetta suggests chardonnay, to go with the richness of the meat; the wine becomes even more appropriate if the sandwich has cheese on it. But Webster suggested pinot noir. "Generally, it's an old-fashioned white bread, mayo/mustard, lettuce sandwich. It's a simple snack. A fruit-forward California-style pinot noir, because you want that first glass to be friendly." Manetta, Webster and Alan Greeley, owner of the Golden Truffle in Costa Mesa, Calif., offered their opinions of which wines to drink with some everyday American foods. TUNA CASSEROLE "When you heat tuna it does the fishy thing, and then you dump that cream of mushroom soup in there. Chardonnay, but not the crisp ones, the buttery ones." — Greeley "Kali Hart Chardonnay. It's a second label for the Talbott winery and it's $9.99. It's got wonderful depth of fruit, length of finish and subtle oak." — Webster HAMBURGER HELPER "The thing that's striking about Hamburger Helper is it coats your mouth. You've got to have something to cut through that sour cream taste — a hearty red, Barbera, it could be zin. But not Barolo. That's too sophisticated." — Greeley "That's wide open, zin, syrah, a soft cabernet or merlot." — Webster "Sauvignon blanc from New Zealand. It's got some acidity and cleans the palate quickly." — Manetta SHAKE 'N BAKE BARBECUE FLAVOR"I love Shake 'N Bake Barbecue; it's delicious. The predominant flavor is spice, but not too hot. You want a wine that has a spice quality, a Rhône, with syrah as the dominant varietal." — Greeley "Chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, pinot gris or pinot noir." — Webster CHICKEN POT PIE "Pinot gris. It's refreshing, a little crisp, bright and provides a contrast, which I like. Cardwell Hill Cellars would be great, and it's only $12.99. — Webster A fruity pinot gris from Washington or Oregon. It cleans up your palate and has nice fruit to it that goes with the sweetness of the peas and carrots." — Manetta MEATLOAF WITH KETCHUP "With the sweetness of the ketchup, an Australian shiraz like Razor's Edge ($9.99)." — Webster "Chianti. A Sangiovese grown in Tuscany is earthy and holds up pretty well with the meat and the sweetness of the ketchup." — Manetta HUNGRY-MAN TURKEY DINNER "Turkey's pretty userfriendly. A light pinot noir or syrah." — Greeley "You don't have the difficulty with the Thanksgiving cranberries and sweet potatoes, so Poppy Pinot Noir ($9.99)." — Webster "You want more structure instead of fruity ... an Oregon pinot noir — Christom, WillaKenzie or Witness Tree." — Manetta LEAN CUISINE CHICKEN ENCHILADA SUIZA"A Grüner Veltliner from Austria. It's lighter and the tomatillo has that acidy thing." — Greeley "Burgans Albariño from Spain. It's clean, light and fresh, it's not going to compete with anything, and it's $9.99." — Webster "Sparkling prosecco. It's got a tiny touch of sweetness, and it's very refreshing, foamy and lighter than most sparkling wines. We sell one called Fantinel ($10.99)." — Manetta

~Paris from your couch

Tour Paris & Eiffel Tower WEBCAM LIVE FROM PARIS France,24/7. Veiw this wonderful city from your own home anytime.

~Audrey Hepburn Quote