Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Know your favorite movie over & over again. Can you spot the mistakes in the film? Here is the site for you. Tons of movie titles that you can look up & find the errors.

Throughtout the movie you can see that Kathleen's bed is on the far wall of her apartment. At the beginning of the movie, the bed is straight up agianst the wall. Towards the end, when Joe brings Kathleen daisies (when she's sick) she jumps into bed. The two of them are talking about their "meeting" in the cafe that happened earlier in the movie. You can clearly see that Kathleen's bed has been moved closer to the bathroom, and is now sitting at an angle.


sweetlifeinthevalley said...

funny this is my favorite movies and I never noticed it... but maybe she just wanted to rearrange her bed room I do every now and then...