Thursday, October 30, 2008

~Save The Ex List!!!!!!

How many of you have seen this little jem of a show?It's sweet and romantic. Please, please log on to save this show.
TheEx List: Petition to Save the Cancelled CBS Series:

The Ex ListAfter a run-in with a psychic, single woman Bella Bloom (Elizabeth Reaser) is told that she has already met her soul mate. What’s more, if she doesn’t reunite with him within one year, she’ll be doomed to spend the rest of her life alone.

With a premise like that, a TV show like The Ex List could go on for years and years. Unfortunately, not enough viewers tuned in watch the CBS series on Friday nights. Could the drama have performed better in another timeslot? We’ll never know because the network cancelled Ex List after just four episodes.

CBS initially ordered 13 episodes of the series and production was shut down during filming of episode 11. The network hasn’t said if they have any plans to bring back Ex List at a future date but it seems extremely unlikely considering the show has been deleted from the CBS website.

Are you one of the five million who tuned in each week? Would you like to see the series picked up by another network like Lifetime? Or, how about at least finishing all 13 episodes and releasing the show on DVD?

To: CBS and 20th Century Fox Television

We, the undersigned, have greatly enjoyed the new CBS TV show, The Ex List. We are dismayed that the series has been removed from the primetime schedule. We ask that you reconsider and put it back on the air in a new timeslot.

If that is not possible, we ask that you find a new network for the series or, at the very least, to finish the series properly and release it on DVD. There are over five million viewers who deserve to see the storyline conclude.

Thank you for your consideration.
~Save The Ex List~


Adam said...

I was very disappointed to learn that the Ex-list was cancelled. At least it could have been moved to a 'less important evening' before just dropping it before it had a chance. It was one of the few shows that has a deeper meaning than something like another cop show. With a medium like the internet, isn't there a way to let the fans that want to see the un-aired EX-List shows see them anyway in archived webisodes? I will probably still watch CBS, but it will take awhile to get over the tragic loss of THE EX-LIST.