Tuesday, December 30, 2008

~Champagne Wishes

Champagne Sugar Eau de Parfum
by Sula
Description: A rich, sweet scent featuring notes of champagne, ginger, sugar and candied fruits.

Spuma di Sciampagna:
From the oldest family business in Italy comes Spuma di Sciampagna--the Champagne Bath line. Whether you're celebrating a coup at work, a new house, or are looking to add a little decadence to your day, this is truly celebratory line.

Mimosa Lip Shine
There's always a reason to celebrate and now you can celebrate beautiful, soft, smooth lips with Philosophy's latest lip shine. Infused with the scent and flavor of champagne and citrus it moisturizes the lips and leaves them with a sensuous high-gloss, supernatural finish. Why not celebrate every moment with a yummy mimosa-flavored kiss?

Too Faced
A luxe champagne-infused lipstick.
Indulge yourself in pure decadence with Too Faced's Lip of Luxury line of lipstick. Drenched in shea butter, rich color, and diamond shine, our exclusive velvety formula smoothes out fine lines and creases while it pampers your lips with a fizzy and flavorful moisture surge of pure champagne essences.
Victoria's Secret Strawberries & Champagne

Pink Champagne Glimmer Gloss

Your lips will celebrate with this must-have gloss, inspired by pink champagne in its color and yummy fragrance. Our glimmer gloss will give your lips a sexy, pink gleam over your lip color or on its own. Get kissed and stay kissed. Cheers!

Pookie I Do
Champagne flavored deliciousness...