Friday, January 23, 2009

~PMS Chocolate Bar

When it's that "time of the month", chocolate is a guilty pleasure that most women crave. But maybe they should - chocolate is the ultimate comfort food and now a new product gives those undergoing PMS even more reason to indulge.

They're called "PMS Support Chocolate bars" and the manufacturer, vitamin giant Jamieson Labs, insists they really do relieve the symptoms that can accompany premenstrual syndrome. How can that be? In addition to the endorphins a comfort food like chocolate can release in the brain, this bar contains a blend of white willow bark, sodium caseinate, artichoke leaf and chasteberry. Despite that, it actually tastes good.

Perfect Monthly Satisfaction! Available in both Milk and Dark Chocolate. 2.5 ounces of pure bliss! A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.