Friday, August 21, 2009

~Paris When It Sizzles...Week-End

Happy Friday everyone! For this week-end I bring you the one, the only Audrey Hepburn in "Paris When It Sizzles".
Hollywood producer Alexander Meyerheimer has hired drunken writer Richard Benson to write his latest movie. Benson has been holed up in a Paris apartment supposedly working on the script for months, but instead has spent the time living it up. Benson now has just two days to the deadline and thus hires a temporary secretary, Gabrielle Simpson, to help him complete it in time.

What sounds yummy with this tasty movie? How about French Vanilla Sizzling Fried Ice Cream :)

2 slices bread, crusts trimmed off
2 2-oz. scoops French Vanilla ice cream
1 cup flour
1 cup water
1 cup sugar
Oil for deep frying

Place scoop of ice cream onto each piece of bread. Fold bread around ice cream, wrap in plastic wrap and form into a ball. Place balls in freezer for two hours and then remove. Combine flour, water, and sugar and whisk until dissolved. Dredge each ice cream ball mixture until thoroughly covered and place into hot oil, turning as necessary for even browning. Remove from deep fryer, cut in half and serve. Garnish with fresh berries, warm honey or chocolate syrup if desired.