Saturday, January 23, 2010

~Lips Like Sugar

Ok let me start by saying I am a self professed lip-gloss junkie. Well that & breath mints. My boyfriend often teases that I'm always looking like I'm waiting to be kissed? Is that a bad thing? haha Well last week I found a new lip-gloss love in my local drug store. Maybelline: Shine Sensational comes in total of 18 flavors to choose from. I bought 2 (so far) 1st was the "Treat Me Sweet" which is a kinda sheer pink tint & tastes like Pink jellybeans. Yum! 2nd was my favorite. Which was "Sweet Indulgence"& hold on to your hats girls tastes like a French Macaroon! It is a sweet lighter pink color with some micro-glitter flakes. I just might have to try out a few more!

Peach Sorbet
Glamorous Guava
Tempting Toffee
Cocoa Fever
Mad About Melon
Sparkling Grape
Berry Bella
Cherry Kiss
Treat Me Sweet
Watermelon Punch
Cranberry Crave
Minty Sheer
Crazy For Caramel
Crushed Candy
Sweet Indulgence
Cherry Bloom
Freshly Sliced
Berry Dazzle


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Sugar Kisses.

Now I've got that song in my head.