Wednesday, February 13, 2008

~Trailer Life ?

Rarely do the terms “glamour” and “trailer” go hand in hand, except when you’ve tiptoed into actress Marcia Cross’s chocolate-and-aqua-velvet-encased trailer on the set of Desperate Housewives at Universal Studios.
“It’s like walking into a chocolate kiss,” enthuses David Brian Sanders, the Los Angeles-based interior designer who transformed the 12x30-foot space into Marcia’s own private between-takes haven.
Wrapped luxuriously in shades of warm brown velvet and pale blue—plush espresso-colored carpet, cocoa-colored sea-grass wall covering, soft blue upholstery, fresh bursts of crisp white trim—the trailer is a study in how to shut out the bright lights and big demands of the outside world and make one feel like, well, a star.


Material Girls said...

I LOVE her trailer. Saw it a while back in Traditional Home and ripped out a few of the photos and saved them! Thanks for stopping by our blog! :)