Monday, April 6, 2009

~How to Dress Like ...Michelle Obama

By eHow Fashion, Style & Personal Care Editor
Barack Obama is often compared to JFK, so it only makes sense that his wife, Michelle, would be compared to Jackie Kennedy, especially when it comes to her fashion style. Michelle Obama wears elegant suits, simple and tasteful jewelry and carries herself with feminine and quiet grace. Modeling your wardrobe after Michelle Obama will ensure that you're always well dressed no matter what the occasion.


Difficulty: Easy
First make sure to get some of the shimmering lotion from your local store. Michelle Obama's skin always looks fresh and beautiful, this is likely because she uses lotion. The shimmering lotion gives you that dewy beautiful look, even when your skin is a bit dry.
Next look for boat neck blouses and dresses. These tend to be flattering and give a sexy look without bordering on too revealing.
Now make sure to get simple and classic cut outfits such as a-line skirts and dresses. These are timeless so you can spend more on quality knowing they will likely never go out of fashion.
Now grab those high heels. They instantly can make you look sexier and thinner plus help your posture.
Next grab an few floral brooches and scarves. These can be used to accentuate what you are wearing and instantly make you look put together.
Now grab some spray oil and spray it over your legs. It will give them a natural youthful shine that is much more comfortable and youthful than stockings.