Thursday, April 23, 2009

~How to Dress Like ...Sophia Loren

By Isabel Prontes, eHow Editor
Sophia Loren is the most famous Italian actress of the decades past, most notably the 1950s and 1960s. Her smoldering presence and style are what defines her as a temptress and icon. Here are a few ways to get her irresistible fashion and look.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Things You’ll Need:

* Short skirts and dresses
* Halter dresses
* Gloves

Wear outfits that reveal your cleavage. Sophia Loren is an extremely curvaceous woman and isn't afraid to show it. She understands that her cleavage is an accessory and makes it a point to show it off in almost every outfit. Whether bustiers or low-cut dresses, she works them all in her ensembles.
Wear halter dresses. Loren's spirit is sensual, yet with a playful and girlishly feminine undertone. Halter dresses are a great way to combine both elements of her personality into one delightfully appealing outfit. Make sure your halter dresses are long and flared.
Add a lot of red to your wardrobe. Loren is known for having a feisty Mediterranean sizzle, and wearing a lot of crimson red certainly enhances that aspect of her persona. Warm, bright red tones give everyone the impression that you are lively, down to earth, yet sexy and appealing at the same time.
Wear gloves. Loren is a sexy vixen-like creature, but also has a lot of elegant facets to her style. Long gloves, sometimes past the elbows, are often a part of her signature style. The gloves can be anywhere from wrist-length to past your elbows. Usually, her gloves were either stark white or jet black.
Show off your legs. Loren had perfectly shaped, mile-long legs and wasn't afraid to show them off. If you are going to attempt to dress like one of the sultriest sirens in cinematic history, you cannot be afraid to show off your gams. Ultra short mini-skirts and dresses were very often part of Loren's outfits