Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Tevo Turner Movie Alert~

May 3~
5:00am [Silent] Single Standard, The (1929)
In this silent film, a free-spirited debutante tries to prove that women can love as carelessly as men.
Cast: Greta Garbo, Nils Asther, John Mack Brown, Dorothy Sebastian Dir: John S. Robertson BW-71 mins, TV-PG

8:30am [Comedy] Runaway Bride, The (1930)
A criminal gang goes after the jewels their dying leader stashed in a woman's handbag.
Cast: Mary Astor, Lloyd Hughes, David Newell, Natalie Moorhead Dir: Donald Crisp BW-66 mins, TV-G

4:15pm [Comedy] Midnight (1939)
An unemployed showgirl poses as Hungarian royalty to infiltrate Parisian society.
Cast: Claudette Colbert, Don Ameche, John Barrymore, Francis Lederer Dir: Mitchell Leisen BW-94 mins, TV-G

11:30pm [Musical] Cover Girl (1944)
A nightclub dancer makes it big in modeling, leaving her dancer boyfriend behind.
Cast: Rita Hayworth, Gene Kelly, Lee Bowman, Phil Silvers Dir: Charles Vidor C-107 mins, TV-G

1:30am [Musical] Harvey Girls, The (1946)
Straitlaced waitresses battle saloon girls to win the West for domesticity.
Cast: Judy Garland, John Hodiak, Ray Bolger, Angela Lansbury Dir: George Sidney C-101 mins, TV-G

3:30am [Musical] Oklahoma! (1955)
Pride and a lecherous ranch hand stand between an amorous cowboy and his farm girl sweetheart.
Cast: Gordon MacRae, Gloria Grahame, Gene Nelson, Charlotte Greenwood Dir: Fred Zinnemann C-140 mins, TV-PG

May 4~
8:00am [Adventure] Three Musketeers, The (1935)
Alexandre Dumas's classic swashbuckler about a young guardsman fighting for the queen's honor.
Cast: Walter Abel, Paul Lukas, Margot Grahame, Heather Angel Dir: Rowland V. Lee BW-96 mins, TV-G

2:00pm [Romance] Green Mansions (1959)
A young adventurer falls in love with a mystical woman in the South American jungle.
Cast: Audrey Hepburn, Anthony Perkins, Lee J. Cobb, Sessue Hayakawa Dir: Mel Ferrer C-104 mins, TV-PG

4:00pm [Romance] Roman Holiday (1953)
A runaway princess in Rome finds love with a reporter who knows her true identity.
Cast: Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn, Eddie Albert, Hartley Power Dir: William Wyler BW-118 mins, TV-G

6:00pm [Comedy] Breakfast At Tiffany's (1961)
A young writer gets caught up in a party girl's carefree existence.
Cast: Audrey Hepburn, George Peppard, Patricia Neal, Buddy Ebsen Dir: Blake Edwards BW-115 mins, TV-G

May 5~
6:00am [Epic] Marie Antoinette (1938)
Lavish biography of the French queen who "let them eat cake."
Cast: Norma Shearer, Tyrone Power, John Barrymore, Robert Morley Dir: W. S. Van Dyke II BW-157 mins, TV-G

8:45am [Romance] Break of Hearts (1935)
An unknown composer tries to save the conductor she loves from his drinking problem.
Cast: Katharine Hepburn, Charles Boyer, John Beal, Jean Hersholt Dir: Philip Moeller BW-78 mins, TV-G

9:45pm [Comedy] Courtship Of Andy Hardy, The (1942)
A teenager dates a girl whose parents' divorce is being decided by his father.
Cast: Lewis Stone, Mickey Rooney, Cecilia Parker, Fay Holden Dir: George B. Seitz BW-95 mins, TV-G

2:45am [Musical] Babes on Broadway (1941)
Show-biz hopefuls stage a benefit for an orphanage.
Cast: Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland, Fay Bainter, Virginia Weidler Dir: Busby Berkeley BW-118 mins, TV-PG

May 6~
5:45pm [Drama] Citizen Kane (1941)
The investigation of a publishing tycoon's dying words reveals conflicting stories about his scandalous life.
Cast: Joseph Cotten, Dorothy Comingore, Agnes Moorehead, Ruth Warrick Dir: Orson Welles BW-120 mins, TV-PG

May 7~
5:30am [Musical] Stay Away Joe (1968)
A young Indian tries to save his failing reservation by selling grazing rights to a corrupt tycoon.
Cast: Elvis Presley, Burgess Meredith, Joan Blondell, Katy Jurado Dir: Peter Tewksbury BW-101 mins, TV-PG

3:30pm [Comedy] Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936)
When he inherits a fortune, a small-town poet has to deal with the corruption of city life.
Cast: Gary Cooper, Jean Arthur, George Bancroft, Lionel Stander Dir: Frank Capra BW-116 mins, TV-G

5:30pm [Drama] Fountainhead, The (1949)
An idealistic architect battles corrupt business interests and his love for a married woman.
Cast: Gary Cooper, Patricia Neal, Raymond Massey, Kent Smith Dir: King Vidor BW-113 mins, TV-PG

May 8~
9:00am [Crime] Lady From Shanghai, The (1948)
A romantic drifter gets caught between a corrupt tycoon and his voluptuous wife.
Cast: Rita Hayworth, Orson Welles, Everett Sloane, Glenn Anders Dir: Orson Welles BW-87 mins, TV-PG

12:00pm [Horror/Science-Fiction] King Kong (1933)
A film crew discovers the "eighth wonder of the world," a giant prehistoric ape, and brings him back to New York, where he wreaks havoc.
Cast: Fay Wray, Robert Armstrong, Bruce Cabot, Frank Reicher Dir: Ernest B. Schoedsack BW-105 mins, TV-PG

8:00pm [Drama] Lion In Winter, The (1968)
England's Henry II and his estranged queen battle over the choice of an heir.
Cast: Peter O'Toole, Katharine Hepburn, Jane Merrow, John Castle Dir: Anthony Harvey C-134 mins, TV-14

10:30pm [Adventure] Adventures of Robin Hood, The (1938)
The bandit king of Sherwood Forest leads his Merry Men in a battle against the corrupt Prince John.
Cast: Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Basil Rathbone, Claude Rains Dir: Michael Curtiz C-102 mins, TV-G

12:30am [Adventure] Robin and Marian (1976)
An aging Robin Hood comes home to resume his relationship with Maid Marian and his battles against the Sheriff of Nottingham.
Cast: Sean Connery, Audrey Hepburn, Robert Shaw, Richard Harris Dir: Richard Lester C-107 mins, TV-14

2:30am [Epic] Becket (1964)
England's King Henry II appoints his best friend Archbishop of Canterbury then turns on him.
Cast: Richard Burton, Peter O'Toole, John Gielgud, Donald Wolfit Dir: Peter Glenville C-148 mins, TV-PG

May 9~
6:30am [Comedy] Bachelor Mother (1939)
A fun-loving shop girl is mistaken for the mother of a foundling.
Cast: Ginger Rogers, David Niven, Charles Coburn, Frank Albertson Dir: Garson Kanin BW-82 mins, TV-G

8:00am [Musical] Three Daring Daughters (1948)
Three young girls try to help their widowed mother find the right husband.
Cast: Jeanette MacDonald, José Iturbi, Jane Powell, Edward Arnold Dir: Fred M. Wilcox C-115 mins, TV-G

11:30am [Drama] Catered Affair, The (1956)
A working-class mother fights to give her daughter a big wedding whether the girl wants it or not.
Cast: Bette Davis, Ernest Borgnine, Debbie Reynolds, Barry Fitzgerald Dir: Richard Brooks BW-94 mins, TV-G

3:15pm [Romance] To Each His Own (1946)
A single mother gives up her son, then fights to remain a part of his life.
Cast: Olivia deHavilland, Mary Anderson, Roland Culver, Phillip Terry Dir: Mitchell Leisen BW-122 mins, TV-PG

5:30pm [Drama] I Remember Mama (1948)
Norwegian immigrants face the trials of family life in turn-of-the-century San Francisco.
Cast: Irene Dunne, Barbara Bel Geddes, Oscar Homolka, Philip Dorn Dir: George Stevens BW-134 mins, TV-G

May 10~
10:30pm [Musical] For Me And My Gal (1942)
An unscrupulous song-and-dance man uses his partner and his best friend to get ahead.
Cast: Judy Garland, George Murphy, Gene Kelly, Marta Eggerth Dir: Busby Berkeley BW-104 mins, TV-G

12:30am [Musical] Love Me Or Leave Me (1955)
True story of torch singer Ruth Etting's struggle to escape the gangster who made her a star.
Cast: Doris Day, James Cagney, Cameron Mitchell, Robert Keith Dir: Charles Vidor C-122 mins, TV-PG

May 11~
12:15am [Adventure] Last of the Mohicans, The (1992)
A Native's adopted son falls for the British officer's daughter he's assigned to protect during the French and Indian War.
Cast: Daniel Day-Lewis, Madeleine Stowe, Russell Means, Eric Schweig Dir: Mickey Gilbert C-111 mins, TV-14

May 12~
7:45am [Comedy] Strawberry Blonde, The (1941)
A man's infatuation with a gold-digging beauty continues after his marriage.
Cast: James Cagney, Olivia de Havilland, Rita Hayworth, Alan Hale Dir: Raoul Walsh BW-99 mins, TV-G

9:30am [Musical] Best Foot Forward (1943)
A movie star wreaks havoc when she accepts an invitation to a military academy dance.
Cast: Lucille Ball, William Gaxton, Virginia Weidler, Tommy Dix Dir: Edward Buzzell C-94 mins, TV-G

11:15am [Musical] Romance On The High Seas (1948)
A singer on a Caribbean cruise gets mixed up in a series of romantic problems.
Cast: Jack Carson, Janis Paige, Don DeFore, Doris Day Dir: Michael Curtiz C-99 mins, TV-PG

2:30pm [Comedy] Just This Once (1952)
A playboy hands control of his dwindling fortune to a pretty girl.
Cast: Janet Leigh, Peter Lawford, Lewis Stone, Marilyn Erskine Dir: Don Weis BW-90 mins, TV-G

6:00pm [Drama] Happy Road, The (1957)
Two single parents join forces when their children run away from a French boarding school.
Cast: Gene Kelly, Barbara Laage, Bobby Clark, Brigitte Fossey Dir: Gene Kelly BW-100 mins, TV-PG

10:00pm [Drama] Last Time I Saw Paris, The (1954)
A writer recalls his turbulent marriage to an expatriate heiress.
Cast: Elizabeth Taylor, Van Johnson, Walter Pidgeon, Donna Reed Dir: Richard Brooks C-116 mins, TV-PG

May 13~
8:00pm [Western] Unforgiven, The (1960)
Indians try to reclaim a rancher's adopted daughter.
Cast: Burt Lancaster, Audrey Hepburn, Audie Murphy, John Saxon Dir: John Huston C-121 mins, TV-14

10:15pm [Western] Dances With Wolves (1990)
A soldier stationed in North Dakota leaves his post to join a nearby Sioux tribe.
Cast: Kevin Costner, Mary McDonnell, Graham Greene, Rodney A. Grant Dir: Philip C. Pfeiffer C-181 mins, TV-14

May 14~
10:30am [Suspense/Mystery] Gaslight (1944)
A newlywed fears she's going mad when strange things start happening at the family mansion.
Cast: Charles Boyer, Ingrid Bergman, Joseph Cotten, Dame May Whitty Dir: George Cukor BW-114 mins, TV-PG

2:30pm [Suspense/Mystery] North By Northwest (1959)
An advertising man is mistaken for a spy, triggering a deadly cross-country chase.
Cast: Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint, James Mason, Jessie Royce Landis Dir: Alfred Hitchcock C-136 mins, TV-PG

9:30pm [Comedy] It Should Happen To You (1954)
A dizzy model in love with fame rents a billboard and puts her name on it.
Cast: Judy Holliday, Peter Lawford, Jack Lemmon, Michael O'Shea Dir: George Cukor BW-87 mins, TV-G

May 15~
7:30am [Drama] Anne Of Green Gables (1934)
A young orphan goes to stay with elderly relatives in the country.
Cast: Anne Shirley, Tom Brown, O. P. Heggie, Helen Westley Dir: George Nicholls Jr. BW-78 mins, TV-G

9:00am [Comedy] Horse Feathers (1932)
In an effort to beef up his school's football team, a college president mistakenly recruits two loonies.
Cast: Groucho Marx, Harpo Marx, Chico Marx, Zeppo Marx Dir: Norman McLeod BW-67 mins, TV-G

6:00pm [Romance] Thomas Crown Affair, The (1968)
A bored tycoon turns to bank robbery and courts the insurance investigator assigned to bring him in.
Cast: Steve McQueen, Faye Dunaway, Paul Burke, Jack Weston Dir: Norman Jewison C-102 mins, TV-14

10:00pm [Drama] Days of Wine and Roses (1962)
A husband and wife fight to conquer alcoholism.
Cast: Jack Lemmon, Lee Remick, Charles Bickford, Jack Klugman Dir: Blake Edwards BW-117 mins, TV-14

12:00am [Comedy] Please Don't Eat The Daisies (1960)
A drama critic and his family try to adjust to life in the country.
Cast: Doris Day, David Niven, Janis Paige, Spring Byington Dir: Charles Walters C-111 mins, TV-G

May 16~
12:00pm [Comedy] Gidget Goes Hawaiian (1961)
A surfer girl triggers romantic confusion during a Hawaiian vacation.
Cast: James Darren, Michael Callan, Deborah Walley, Carl Reiner Dir: Paul Wendkos C-102 mins, TV-G

2:00pm [Drama] On The Waterfront (1954)
A young stevedore takes on the mobster who rules the docks.
Cast: Marlon Brando, Karl Malden, Lee J. Cobb, Rod Steiger Dir: Elia Kazan BW-108 mins, TV-PG

4:00pm [Drama] Picnic (1955)
A handsome drifter ignites passions at a small-town Labor Day picnic.
Cast: William Holden, Kim Novak, Betty Field, Susan Strasberg Dir: Joshua Logan C-113 mins, TV-PG

6:00pm [Comedy] Goodbye Girl, The (1977)
A dancer discovers her runaway boyfriend has sublet her apartment to an aspiring actor.
Cast: Richard Dreyfuss, Marsha Mason, Quinn Cummings, Paul Benedict Dir: Herbert Ross C-111 mins, TV-MA

May 17~
4:30am [Comedy] Sunshine Boys, The (1975)
A feuding comedy team reunites for a television comeback.
Cast: Walter Matthau, George Burns, Richard Benjamin, Carol Arthur Dir: Herbert Ross C-111 mins, TV-14

7:30am [Comedy] Seven Days' Leave (1942)
A serviceman has one week to wed an heiress and inherit $100,000.
Cast: Victor Mature, Lucille Ball, Harold Peary, Mapy Cortes Dir: Tim Whelan C-87 mins, TV-G

9:00am [Comedy] Heavenly Days (1944)
When they're named Mr. and Mrs. Average Man, a small-town couple embarks on a whirlwind tour of Washington.
Cast: Fibber McGee and Molly, Eugene Pallette, Gordon Oliver, Raymond Walburn Dir: Howard Estabrook BW-71 mins, TV-G

1:00pm [Comedy] Courtship Of Andy Hardy, The (1942)
A teenager dates a girl whose parents' divorce is being decided by his father.
Cast: Lewis Stone, Mickey Rooney, Cecilia Parker, Fay Holden Dir: George B. Seitz BW-95 mins, TV-G

4:00pm [Comedy] When Ladies Meet (1941)
A female novelist doesn't realize her new friend is the wife whose husband she's trying to steal.
Cast: Joan Crawford, Robert Taylor, Greer Garson, Herbert Marshall Dir: Robert Z. Leonard BW-105 mins, TV-G

6:00pm [Romance] Idiot's Delight (1939)
A hoofer and a fake Russian countess are caught behind enemy lines at the outbreak of World War II.
Cast: Norma Shearer, Clark Gable, Edward Arnold, Charles Coburn Dir: Clarence Brown BW-110 mins, TV-G

8:00pm [Romance] Summertime (1955)
A schoolteacher is surprised to find love on a Venetian vacation.
Cast: Katharine Hepburn, Rossano Brazzi, Isa Miranda, Darren McGavin Dir: David Lean C-100 mins, TV-PG

10:00pm [Romance] Rome Adventure (1962)
A rebellious teacher moves to Rome and finds love.
Cast: Troy Donahue, Angie Dickinson, Rossano Brazzi, Suzanne Pleshette Dir: Delmer Daves C-118 mins, TV-PG

2:15am [Romance] Light In The Piazza (1962)
A woman's efforts to marry off her daughter are hindered by a family secret.
Cast: Olivia de Havilland, Rossano Brazzi, Yvette Mimieux, George Hamilton Dir: Guy Green C-102 mins, TV-PG

4:00am [Comedy] Count Your Blessings (1959)
After a wartime separation, an Englishwoman discovers her French husband is a womanizer.
Cast: Deborah Kerr, Rossano Brazzi, Maurice Chevalier, Martin Stephens Dir: Jean Negulesco C-102 mins, TV-PG

May 18~
4:00am [Comedy] Count Your Blessings (1959)
After a wartime separation, an Englishwoman discovers her French husband is a womanizer.
Cast: Deborah Kerr, Rossano Brazzi, Maurice Chevalier, Martin Stephens Dir: Jean Negulesco C-102 mins, TV-PG

12:00pm [Musical] Gold Diggers In Paris (1938)
Three showgirls travel to Paris in search of rich husbands.
Cast: Rudy Vallee, Rosemary Lane, Hugh Herbert, Allen Jenkins Dir: Ray Enright BW-97 mins, TV-G

2:00pm [Musical] Rich, Young And Pretty (1951)
A rancher's daughter visits Paris to meet her mother and find love.
Cast: Jane Powell, Danielle Darrieux, Wendell Corey, Vic Damone Dir: Norman Taurog C-95 mins, TV-PG

4:00pm [Musical] French Line, The (1954)
A Texas heiress masquerades as a model in hopes of finding true love.
Cast: Jane Russell, Gilbert Roland, Arthur Hunnicutt, Mary McCarty Dir: Lloyd Bacon C-102 mins, TV-G

6:00pm [Musical] Gentlemen Marry Brunettes (1955)
A sister act in Paris tries to top their aunts' escapades there during the roaring twenties.
Cast: Jane Russell, Jeanne Crain, Alan Young, Scott Brady Dir: Richard Sale C-99 mins, TV-G

10:00pm [Drama] One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (1975)
A small-time criminal fakes insanity in hopes of doing easy time in a mental hospital.
Cast: Jack Nicholson, Louise Fletcher, William Redfield, Dean R Brooks Dir: Milos Forman C-162 mins, TV-MA

May 20~
10:00am [Drama] Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939)
An idealistic Senate replacement takes on political corruption.
Cast: Jean Arthur, James Stewart, Claude Rains, Edward Arnold Dir: Frank Capra BW-130 mins, TV-G

2:00pm [Comedy] Bell, Book and Candle (1959)
A beautiful witch puts a love spell on an unknowing publisher.
Cast: James Stewart, Kim Novak, Jack Lemmon, Ernie Kovacs Dir: Richard Quine C-102 mins, TV-PG

9:30pm [Western] Little Big Man (1970)
An American pioneer raised by Indians ends up fighting alongside General Custer.
Cast: Dustin Hoffman, Faye Dunaway, Martin Balsam, Richard Mulligan Dir: Arthur Penn C-140 mins, TV-14

12:15am [Suspense/Mystery] Thunderheart (1992)
An FBI man gets back in touch with his Native roots investigating a murder on a reservation.
Cast: Val Kilmer, Sam Shepard, Graham Greene, Fred Dalton Thompson Dir: Michael Apted C-119 mins, TV-MA

May 21~
9:30am [Comedy] Private Lives (1931)
A divorced couple rekindles the spark after landing in adjoining honeymoon suites with new mates.
Cast: Norma Shearer, Robert Montgomery, Reginald Denny, Una Merkel Dir: Sidney Franklin BW-84 mins, TV-

4:00pm [Romance] Last Of Mrs. Cheyney, The (1937)
A chic jewel thief in England falls in love with one of her marks.
Cast: Joan Crawford, William Powell, Robert Montgomery, Frank Morgan Dir: Richard Boleslawski BW-98 mins, TV-G

5:45pm [Suspense/Mystery] Lady In The Lake (1947)
Philip Marlowe searches for a missing woman in this mystery shot entirely from the detective's viewpoint.
Cast: Robert Montgomery, Audrey Totter, Lloyd Nolan, Tom Tully Dir: Robert Montgomery BW-103 mins, TV-PG

May 22~
12:00pm [Western] Apple Dumpling Gang, The (1975)
Two bumbling outlaws try to help a trio of orphans protect their gold strike.
Cast: Bill Bixby, Susan Clark, Don Knotts, Tim Conway Dir: Norman Tokar C-100 mins, TV-G

1:45pm [Drama] Natural, The (1984)
An overaged baseball player comes out of nowhere to save his team.
Cast: Robert Redford, Glenn Close, Kim Basinger, Robert Duvall Dir: Barry Levinson C-138 mins, TV-14

8:00pm [Horror/Science-Fiction] Hunchback Of Notre Dame, The (1939)
A deformed bell ringer rescues a gypsy girl falsely accused of witchcraft and murder.
Cast: Charles Laughton, Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Thomas Mitchell, Maureen O'Hara Dir: William Dieterle BW-117 mins, TV-PG

May 23~
8:15am [Comedy] Double Wedding (1937)
A dress designer tries to break her sister's engagement to a free-living artist, only to discover the man is falling for her instead.
Cast: William Powell, Myrna Loy, Florence Rice, John Beal Dir: Richard Thorpe BW-87 mins, TV-G

10:00am [Romance] Marty (1955)
A lonely butcher finds love despite the opposition of his friends and family.
Cast: Ernest Borgnine, Betsy Blair, Esther Minciotti, Augusta Ciolli Dir: Delbert Mann BW-94 mins, TV-PG

12:00pm [Musical] Roustabout (1964)
A female carnival owner hires a hot-blooded young singer to save her touring show.
Cast: Elvis Presley, Barbara Stanwyck, Joan Freeman, Leif Erickson Dir: John Rich C-101 mins, TV-PG

4:30pm [Crime] Wild One, The (1953)
Motorcycle-riding delinquents take over a small town.
Cast: Marlon Brando, Mary Murphy, Robert Keith, Lee Marvin Dir: Laslo Benedek BW-79 mins, TV-14

May 24~
8:00pm [Drama] For Whom The Bell Tolls (1943)
A U.S. mercenary and an army of peasants fight for Spain.
Cast: Gary Cooper, Ingrid Bergman, Akim Tamiroff, Arturo de Córdova Dir: Sam Wood C-170 mins, TV-PG

12:30am [Romance] Farewell To Arms, A (1932)
An American serving in World War I falls for a spirited nurse.
Cast: Helen Hayes, Gary Cooper, Adolphe Menjou, Mary Philips Dir: Frank Borzage BW-89 mins, TV-G

3:45am [Romance] To Have And Have Not (1944)
A skipper-for-hire's romance with a beautiful drifter is complicated by his growing involvement with the French resistance.
Cast: Humphrey Bogart, Walter Brennan, Lauren Bacall, Dolores Moran Dir: Howard Hawks BW-100 mins, TV-G

May 25~
12:00pm [Comedy] Yes, My Darling Daughter (1939)
A freethinker's liberal ways are tested when her daughter announces plans for a premarital fling.
Cast: Priscilla Lane, Jeffrey Lynn, Roland Young, Fay Bainter Dir: William Keighley BW-86 mins, TV-G

1:30pm [Drama] Young Tom Edison (1940)
As a precocious child, Tom Edison defies authority to develop his first inventions.
Cast: Mickey Rooney, Fay Bainter, George Bancroft, Virginia Weidler Dir: Norman Taurog BW-86 mins, TV-G

4:45pm [Comedy] Heavenly Body, The (1943)
An astronomer's neglected wife takes up astrology and a handsome astrologer.
Cast: William Powell, Hedy Lamarr, James Craig, Fay Bainter Dir: Alexander Hall BW-95 mins, TV-G

6:30pm [Comedy] She Went To The Races (1945)
A pretty scientist with a system for horse-race betting falls in love with a trainer.
Cast: James Craig, Frances Gifford, Ava Gardner, Edmund Gwenn Dir: Willis Goldbeck BW-86 mins, TV-G

3:15am [Silent] Ramona (1910)
In this silent short, a rancher's daughter runs off with a Native.
Cast: Mary Pickford, H. B. Walthall, Francis J. Grandon, Kate Bruce Dir: D. W. Griffith C-17 mins, TV-PG

March 26~
8:00pm [Drama] From Here To Eternity (1953)
Enlisted men in Hawaii fight for love and honor on the eve of World War II.
Cast: Burt Lancaster, Montgomery Clift, Deborah Kerr, Donna Reed Dir: Fred Zinnemann BW-118 mins, TV-PG

12:45am [Comedy] See Here, Private Hargrove (1944)
A green recruit has a series of madcap adventures in the Army.
Cast: Robert Walker, Donna Reed, Keenan Wynn, Robert Benchley Dir: Wesley Ruggles BW-101 mins, TV-G

2:30am [Drama] Faithful In My Fashion (1946)
A sailor on leave causes problems at the department store his girlfriend manages.
Cast: Donna Reed, Tom Drake, Edward Everett Horton, Spring Byington Dir: Sidney Salkow BW-81 mins, TV-G

May 27~
4:00am [Musical] Thousands Cheer (1943)
An egotistical acrobat joins the Army and falls in love with his commander's daughter.
Cast: Kathryn Grayson, Gene Kelly, Mary Astor, John Boles Dir: George Sidney C-125 mins, TV-G

6:15am [Romance] Today We Live (1933)
An aristocratic English girl's tangled love life creates havoc during World War I.
Cast: Joan Crawford, Gary Cooper, Robert Young, Franchot Tone Dir: Howard Hawks BW-113 mins, TV-G

9:30am [Romance] Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (1963)
Three tales of very different women using their sexuality as a means to getting what they want.
Cast: Sophia Loren, Marcello Mastroianni, Aldo Giuffrè, Agostino Salvietti Dir: Vittorio De Sica C-114 mins, TV-14

3:45pm [Comedy] Sunday Punch (1942)
A young girl copes with a boarding house full of boxers.
Cast: William Lundigan, Jean Rogers, Dan Dailey Jr., Guy Kibbee Dir: David Miller BW-76 mins, TV-G

5:30pm [Comedy] Sunday In New York (1963)
A philandering pilot gets real moral, real fast when his sister contemplates a premarital fling.
Cast: Rod Taylor, Jane Fonda, Cliff Robertson, Robert Culp Dir: Peter Tewksbury C-105 mins, TV-PG

May 30~
10:15pm [Comedy] Operation Petticoat (1959)
During World War II, the crew of a decrepit submarine takes on a team of Navy nurses.
Cast: Cary Grant, Tony Curtis, Joan O'Brien, Dina Merrill Dir: Blake Edwards C-121 mins, TV-G

May 31~
6:00am [Comedy] First Traveling Saleslady, The (1956)
A corset designer takes a job selling barbed wire in the wild West.
Cast: Ginger Rogers, Barry Nelson, Carol Channing, David Brian Dir: Arthur Lubin C-92 mins, TV-G