Saturday, October 17, 2009

~Nicole Dextras e la moda di foglie e fiori

There are absolutely no doubts: floral prints utilizzatissime have always been in fashion, especially in the summer collections. But why stop at simple prints? Wherever one looks, from spring onwards, we find pretty petunias, geraniums and bright colored begonias. Surely their bright colors and their delicate scents they put us in a good mood, so why not wear them?
And the same idea was definitely the designer and eco artist Nicole Dextras, who has taken a step forward from the so-called "fashion of the flower", designing a collection called Weedrobes, designed by a very intricate fabric composed of 100% plants. This series of dresses, as well as breathtaking for their spectacular nature, they are actually sculpted flowers to wear, making it possible to make a compelling report on our body and the environment. 
 The eco-clothing Weedrobes consisting of living materials as leaves, flowers and branches and their organic structure seeks to underline the strong symbiotic relationship between the body and the earth, which often takes second place in the world of fashion.

For me these photos bring to mind the lovey Emilie Simon....