Sunday, February 28, 2010

~Diamond Meanings

What diamond you like says a lot about you.


* Round: The classic round shape is the most popular. Women who prefer it are usually drawn to its traditional romance, and they themselves are honest, faithful, and somewhat conservative.

* Pear: The elongated pear shape shows a woman to be an individual, yet she still has a soft side for traditional romance. She may be a trend-setter with this unusual shape.

* Oval: This shape is nearly the same as the traditional round but shows a bit of creativity and individuality. The similarity to an egg shape may also represent fertility or a desire for children.

* Cushion: The soft edges and pillow-like shape of cushion cut diamonds demonstrate intimacy and romance with classic elegance, as well as an eye for the vintage style.

* Emerald: Emerald diamond shapes are old fashioned yet exude quiet elegance and coolness. The open style of the cut with its clear depths is also symbolic of an open heart and personal clarity.

* Heart: The heart shape is a symbol of pure child-like joy, though the strong shape also borders on fantasy and sentiment.

* Marquise: The flashy marquise shape indicates a desire for opulence and glitter, since the shape is specifically designed to maximize its own diamond carats through optical tricks of dimension. A marquise shape preference, then, may indicate a desire for extravagant appearances.

* Radiant: The blend of facets in a radiant cut is flirty and trendy, as are the women who choose this unusual diamond shape.

* Princess: A princess cut demands attention with its extravagant glitter, and the woman wearing one may be willing to take risks and act as a leader.

* Asscher: The unique Asscher shape highlights a woman’s desire for a vintage style.Also a romantic pick. Like the emerald shape, it also indicates clarity of person.


* White: This is the classic colorless diamond, which indicates purity, cleanliness, peace, honor, and traditionalism.

* Yellow: Canary shades show friendship and joy .

* Pink: Pink hues are representative of love, romance, beauty, and joy, as well as femininity and delicacy in pastel shades.A total romantic pick.

* Black: While many people associate the color black with illness and death, it can also represent sophistication and contemporary style, as well as a connection to the soil and earth.

* Blue: Blue shades typically represent youth, spirituality, peace, and loyalty, though they can also be used as a bride’s “something blue” on her wedding day.

* Brown: Champagne, tan, or brown shades are a vintage hue that symbolizes earth.

* Green: A natural color of fertility and wealth, green also symbolizes nature.

* Red: Bold red shades show confidence and power, while also nodding to tradition as a typical color for romance. In Chinese culture, red is a traditional color for good luck and is often used at weddings.

* Purple: Though rare, purple diamonds are perfect to represent royalty, luxury, and opulence, which is sure to make any bride-to-be feel like a princess.


Champagne Macarons said...

Wonderful post!! Diamonds really are a girl's best friend ;)
It's a pink asscher that would be my preference ♥
I hope you're having a lovely weekend!

BonjourRomance said...

This was such a fabulous post. I an Emerald and Cushion cur girl and classic white.
Also I wanted to come by and thank you for following my blog. I'll be following too and will be back soon. MEanwhile I'll check out some more of your beautiful blog.
Bon weekend