Friday, June 4, 2010

~Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend

After spending 12 years working as a Wedding Planner the topic of diamonds come up a lot. The new brides/woman worry about style vs. cruelty-free diamonds. I'm here to tell you can have both. First let's start with the Grand-daddy of them all Tiffany & Co. Did you know they do carry cruelty-free diamonds? Now not all of them they carry are Cruelty-free yet. You do need to ask when you go into the store. Also in 2009 the company's work in environmental protection and sustainability was recently honored with the Corporate Responsibility Award from the Environmental Media Association. Tiffany's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Mike Kowalski said in his acceptance speech that Tiffany will continue to focus on ways to obtain precious metals and gemstones and craft jewelry that are socially and environmentally responsible. Tiffany's Foundation has supported many smaller jewelry companies which are working on sustainable projects through grants.

Or you can checkout companies like Brilliant Earth.Brilliant Earth provides the highest quality jewelry originating from pure sources and harvested using socially responsible practices. Brilliant Earth believes that high quality, fine jewelry need not come at a great human or environmental cost.

Or buy vintage. These rings around for along time. They have stories to tell & best off No more mining done with these. They were mined long ago.


Belle Vie said...

Thank you for sharing. I will only purchase/wear cruelty free jewels. xoxo, B

Giulia said...

Thank you, too. I work on this issue & am so pleased to see someone interested in fashion who will speak of it.



Fashion Meets Food said...

love this post! my ring is from Tiffany and is cruelty free :]


The Pink Tutu said...

Very interesting! Thanks for sharing. That antique ring is gorgeous.

Jo said...

I wasn't aware of this issue ~ nor do I know much about my diamonds. My husband purchased my wedding rings from a family owned and operated shop in Mystic, CT. Interesting post ~ thanks.