Sunday, June 13, 2010

~You're Such A Doll

My friend's daughter brought a few of this dolls over this week-end. Has anyone else seen them? They are Momoko Dolls. Momoko was created in 2001 as a side project by a Japanese software company called Petworks. The concept of an "everyday" modern woman one might find walking down the street in Japan.They are able to stand on her own without help. Momoko outfits display a characteristic normality and simple elegance in a range of styles, such as a variety of modern casual looks. In addition to the main line of doll releases, Sekiguchi also releases numerous special edition dolls with apparently even more limited availability. Including a Audrey Hepburn doll. Who knew?They arevery stylish don't you think?



Kristin said...

They are very nice! If I was a little girl now I would want to have all the outfits and all the dolls!

Kristin :)