Wednesday, June 10, 2009

~Birth of a Wedding Planner

Under The Sheets-shhh asked a few days ago "What would you write your book about?" I thought about it and came up with writing some about working as a wedding planner/florist. I always get asked about how I got into this line of work. Well here is my story...

I had moved to Tucson from Ohio when I was 20. I had the plan to start art school here. But, fate had other plans. I was hit by a car while crossing the street. Forced to bed rest for over a month and going to court for a year to deal with the man that hit me. I went into a down ward spiral of debt. During this time I worked retail with a pair of twins that took pity on me. They invited me to a Christmas dinner with their family. That's where I met my future boss. We started talking about art, color, weddings and such. She had been working as a Wedding florist for over 25 years. Having a back ground in art made the conversation easy.

Sometime had passed. I ran in her again. During that time she had started a group for wedding professionals. She asked me to work a wedding with her one week-end and see how I liked it. It clicked for me. I could use all my art and retail knowledge in one job.This is the kinda thing that you can't really study for. You learn as you go. You must always be on your toes , think fast and outside the box.

So that's how I became The Wedding Planner.


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Unknown Mami said...

Great story. Sometimes things find us.