Sunday, June 21, 2009

~Location Location Location ....The Wedding Planner

The love looking at picture of were movies where shot and remembering being there. So to start this off I thought I would start with The Wedding Planner...

• Presidio of San Francisco (GGNRA / Presidio Trust), San Francisco: Supposedly, on 26 and 30 March 2000, Crissy Field was a cover set for "Hospital", "Wedding Tent" interior, and "Front Door Entrance". I don't know if simply arrangements were made for it to be a cover set, or if it was actually used.

• City and County of San Francisco: Pier 7. Jackson Street at Hotaling Alley. Taylor Street at Pleasant Street. San Francisco City Hall. Van Ness Avenue. Lincoln Park Golf Club. Golden Gate Park's Music Concourse. Palace of the Legion of Honor. Montgomery Street at Union. Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive. Van Ness Avenue at Aquatic Park. Pacific Heights. Jefferson Street at Hyde. Pacific Street at Lyon. Grace Cathedral.

Pier 7 on the Embarcadero.

The Transamerica Pyramid rising above Hotaling Alley.

Jennifer Lopez' wedding offices and this newspaper rack
were filmed on Jackson Street, between Montgomery
and Sansome Streets, across from Hotaling Alley.
This was filmed on 28 March 2000.

View of Grace Cathedral from Taylor Street,
just north of Sacramento Street.

The rescue of Lopez by Matthew McConaughey was filmed on 19-20 March 2000 on Taylor Street between Clay and Sacramento Streets, at the base of Pleasant Street.

McConaughey's office was filmed in San Francisco City Hall.

This view of the Bay Bridge is from Pier 7.

They just exited a building on the east side of the 500 block of Van Ness Avenue, between Golden Gate and McAllister.

Over 225 extras were used in these scenes filmed on 29 March 2000 at the Music Concourse in Golden Gate Park.

The flower market was set up for filming at the Palace of the Legion of Honor.

The exterior of J.Lo's home was filmed on Montgomery Street, just south of Union Street on Telegraph Hill.

The exterior of the Polk Street / Goodlett Place entrance of San Francisco City Hall.

An interior shot of San Francisco City Hall.

Shot on Hagiwara Drive in Golden Gate Park, you can just barely see the Japanese Tea Gardens in the background.

In real life, after leaving Golden Gate Park, McConaughey couldn't possibly have ended up here, caught in a traffic jam that is coming away from a dead end at the foot of Van Ness Avenue where it meets San Francisco Bay!

This looks like the house at Broadway & Baker.

On 15 March 2000, the AIDS ride was filmed westbound on Jefferson Street at the foot of Hyde Street near Aquatic Park.

South on Hyde Street from Pacific Street.

East on Pacific Avenue, between Presidio & Lyon Streets.

This deleted scene was filmed on the steps of Grace Cathedral on Nob Hill.

This deleted scene was filmed in Colma, probably at the Italian Cemetery on F Street at El Camino Real.