Thursday, June 11, 2009

~My First Wedding

My first wedding working as a wedding planner is a day I will never forget. I show up at the church on a sunny November Tucson day. Walking through the double doors not knowing what I would find. What lay behind those door? A Zoot Suit themed wedding. Stripped suits, pocket watches as far as the eye could see. Trying not to stare and give it away that this was my first wedding.I was in fact the wedding planner virgin. With butterflies in stomach I go to work.

The ceremony set up was going along great. I was feeling like a rock star. Putting up arches, wrapping bouquets. Then came the reception...

First thing I realize is that that elevator was out and I couldn't run through the cocktail hour with my flower. So up the long outside stairs I had to go. 5 flights straight up. Running in my heels and brand new suit I ran the box of center pieces up the stairs of doom. Only to have rain start pouring down on me. Hair hanging in wet curls, make-up streaked down my face , and my suit sticking to me like a second skin I made the soggy journey up down those stairs 20 times.

Finally with the flowers safely in side the reception room. I must quickly try to make up for lost time and set up the room as quickly as possible. Reaching into a box to fish out a center piece I feel a sharp pain. Pulling my hand out to find I am bleeding. No time to worry about my bloody fingers...I have to find a new vase. Running through tiny storage rooms looking for a matching vase my fingers wrapped in a paper towel. Finally I found one. So happy thinking..."ahh now things will get better." Got the room done, looks good time to party.

Oh, the party had started indeed. But, not for me. Staggering up to me walks up the Mother of the Groom(MOG). Grabbing my arm she informs me " I pissssed and now my sssseam on my pantyhosesss are sssscrewy! You need to fixss them." Looking around to see who this woman was talking to. Clearly she couldn't mean me? I mean she doesn't know me. She must be talking to a friend, a sister, someone. Nope. It was my job in her eyes. *Sigh* Ok. I walk in to the bathroom where she pulls her dress up over her head . Trying to not over think about it,I go to work fixing her Queen size support hose. I get her all fixed up. I turn to leave as I hear" damn I'sss gotta pisss again." Here we go again...

By the time I got home I fell into bed a pathetic mess. But, I got up the next week-end and did it again. So much for the glamorous life of a wedding planner. :)


Claudya Martinez said...

Great story! I felt like I was there.