Friday, March 20, 2009

~How to Dress Like ....Drew Barrymore..

By Isabel Prontes, eHow Editor
From her days as a child star to her current life as one of the most respected and popular actresses in Hollywood, Drew Barrymore has consistently remained stylish and chic. With her effortless and casual style, she has been turning heads and inspiring imitators for years. Here are a few ways to achieve her style. You can dress like Drew Barrymore with these steps, some commitment and your imagination.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Wear tailored jackets! Drew often tops off her outfits with tailored jackets, and many are often vintage. The tailored jackets are usually body-hugging. Drew usually chooses tailored jackets in colors like black, brown, beige, or white. Make sure your tailored jackets have accentuated waists to attain Drew's girlish yet tomboyish style.
Wear vintage or band T-shirts! Drew is a rocker's girl, having dated rock stars like Fabrizio Moretti from the New York City rock band The Strokes. She is often spotted wearing vintage or retro T-shirts, especially band T-shirts from musical groups of the past. A good place to look for these shirts is at any vintage boutique or Salvation Army shop in your area. Make sure your T-shirt is on the tighter side. Drew usually doesn't like to sport large and bulky shirts.
Wear jeans with flared cuts. Flared cuts are very retro, and we all know that Drew Barrymore is a retro and Bohemian girl at heart. Not only are jeans with flared cuts stylish, but they are very flattering to almost any figure. Drew is often spotted wearing seventies-style bell bottoms as well.
Wear eclectic jewelry! Drew loves dangling necklaces and thick bracelets. Her jewelry style combines a mixture of Gypsy and Boho elements. A quartz pendant would be a great way to top off a casual and chic Drew Barrymore-esque ensemble.
Put on some buckle boots! Drew Barrymore is often seen wearing boots. This fits in perfectly with her fun, playful and Bohemian girl style. Purchase buckle boots in black, brown or beige. Make sure the boots have a heel since Drew isn't spotted wearing flat shoes very often.