Saturday, March 21, 2009

~How to Dress Like... Keri Russell

By eHow Fashion, Style & Personal Care Editor
Simple, clean and all-American, Keri Russell's style is definitely worth emulating. The curly-headed actress favors timeless, no-fuss fashions--yet knows how to glam it up for the red carpet. You can match Keri's natural beauty with the right blend of cotton, denim and amazing hair. Here's how to dress like Keri Russell


Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Make jeans your wardrobe staple. Most photographs of Keri Russell show her in denim. She favors medium to dark washes and very simple, flattering cuts--no wild, embroidered or distressed items for Keri. While you don't need to buy designer jeans, this hot mama never wears the dreaded "mom jeans," either.
Wear white or light-colored fitted tees. Nothing goes better with jeans than a body conscious T-shirt--as Keri Russell makes perfectly evident. If you've got abs like Keri's, show a thin sliver of skin between your shirt hem and waistline.
Stick with comfy flats and sandals like Birkenstocks. Keri Russell doesn't have a shoe fetish the way most Hollywood celebrities do. Her footwear is simple to match her casual clothes.
Keep evening looks streamlined. Keri Russell's red carpet attire is always elegant and simple, with classic silhouettes. Her gowns occasionally feature a textured fabric. Colors tend to be either in the black or charcoal family or very pale pinks.
Accessorize your clothes with long, feminine, free-falling hair. Although Keri is infamous for chopping her gorgeous locks when she was starring in "Felicity," she's now back to her lengthy roots and usually shows it off. If not, she'll sweep it away from her hair gently, maintaining the look of true natural beauty.