Thursday, March 26, 2009

~How to Dress Like... Natalie Portman
By eHow Fashion, Style & Personal Care Editor
Natalie Portman is an actress who's been in movies such as "V for Vendetta" and "Cold Mountain." She's known for having a great sense of style and has even been called the new Audrey Hepburn. Use these steps for ideas on how to dress like her.


Difficulty: Easy
Buy a red halter top and jean capris. Natalie Portman was photographed wearing these with sneakers, round sunglasses and a messenger bag.
Copy her day clothing. Get the Amber Slouch Pant from Principals, Bonds Chesty Tank from The Warehouse, Ohio Top in Cobalt from Principals, Pulp Adeline Shoe from Hannahs, CL Studded Tote from Strandbags and an anchor pendant from SUPRÉ.
Mimic her red carpet style. Get the Ruched Spaghetti Strap Halter Dress in Violet from Staxs, Isabella Anselmi Angel shoes from Overland, Party Bag from Strandbags and a black belt. Natalie Portman prefers to keep her accessories to a minimum when wearing an outfit like this.
Find a knee-length black dress. She wore this with a black clutch and black shoes to Paul McCartney's 64th birthday party. It was a simple dress that looked both formal and comfortable.
Wear a black tank top with jeans. Natalie Portman wore this after taping her appearance on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" in 2004. She wore it with dangly earrings and a necklace. The tank top said "Kerry me" showing her both political and humorous side.
Get a knee-length bright red dress. She wore one with sandals to the 36th Annual Comic Con International to promote "V for Vendetta." She didn't have any accessories.