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~Set Decorating & Sarah Greenwood

For those of you like me that love looking at set design on tv & movies.Let me share this link with you. It's the online magazine for set decorating. Featuring people like Sarah Greenwood who has done movies such as Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (2008),Atonement (2007), Pride & Prejudice (2005). Honoring that people that help make the story lines become real before you.


Also let me add this blog I found on La Femme Reel.A very cool blog.
“Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day” Room Makeover
Posted by Devin
September 1, 2008

One of the wonderful perks of watching Chick Flicks & Women’s films are the lovely set designs. Case in point, with “Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day” out on Dvd, you’ll be in for a lot of eye candy. “Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day” has one of the most glamorous sets we have seen in recent years. Brilliantly designed by Sarah Greenwood for Focus films, here is a little excerpt from the Focus films website:
Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day Chick Flick

Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day Chick Flick
“The set was built at Ealing, and Greenwood rejected the expected British art deco scheme in favor of what would be Delysia’s American influences; sources of reference for Greenwood and her team included the era’s famed decorators Dorothy Draper and William Haines. The latter is especially renowned for the homes he did for Hollywood stars of the era.
“Sarah had an amazing amount of reference books on hand. In the 1930s, American magazines and movies really influenced the English,” points out Hammond. ”
Miss Pettigrew Lives for the Day Bedroom Set Design
Miss Pettigrew Lives for the Day Bedroom Set Design
Delysia’s (Amy Adams) opulent Penthouse apartment is set in 1939 London. Her bedroom palette is one of pale shades of gray/blue, cream, and silver. This room is amazingly laid-out with the bed & bath separated by the tufted partition behind Delysia’s bed. Victorian fringed lampshades grace the mirrored bedside tables and compliment the fringed dressing table stools in the background. Silk bedding custom matches the bed’s headboard and large tassels decorate the ends. A lush tufted chair finishes out the room.
Miss Pettigrew fans will have a hard time replicating this look without the help of a major bankroll. To find similar items we had to go to the higher end retailers such as Neiman Marcus & Horchow.
Miss Pettigrew Lives for the Day Set Design Living Room
Miss Pettigrew Lives for the Day Set Design Living Room
The living room in Delysia’s apartment looks like it gets just as much action as the bedroom. The lush fur rug and the floor with mounds of pillows invite plenty of rolling. The room’s palette is one of black, cream, and gold. One large sofa, chaise and a tufted chair make up the seating area around the Art Deco fireplace.

I love the silver wallpaper in Delysia’s dressing area. I found a similar hand painted wallpaper at DeGournay.com and would love to have this luxury.
Miss Pettigrew Lives for the Day Dressing Room Set Design
Miss Pettigrew Lives for the Day Dressing Room Set Design

More Chick Flick set designs coming soon! Let me know if there are any particular set designs that have caught your eye!

Image & Quote Credits-Focus Films
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Elizabeth said...

I just saw The Proposal and the set of the family home in Alask was fabulous.

Do you know where the bed in the room they sleep in in from? I love it and want to buy it!

Wallflower Diaries said...

Eb, You mean the one in The Proposal? I'm not sure but, the designer was Denise Pizzini Robinson. She has done sets for movies such as A Walk in the Clouds, Life as a House & First Daughter. You might try emailing her & see if she can tell you. :) Let me know what you hear.