Saturday, March 21, 2009

~How to Dress Like ...Kate Beckinsale

By eHow Fashion, Style & Personal Care Editor
Kate Beckinsale is one of the emerging fashion-forward females in Hollywood. Her style is simple and understated, yet incredibly classy and immaculate. Her style tends to gravitate towards timeless pieces. She is not as trendy as some other Hollywood vixens her age, which makes her appear more serious and mature.


Difficulty: Moderate
Minimize the number of accessories. Kate normally wears oversized sunglasses and simple jewelry. This minimalist approach keeps her from looking gaudy, and adds to the simplicity of her style approach. A few beautiful pieces go a long way.
Keep the shades neutral. Kate's wardrobe consists of colors such as black, brown, khaki and white. Any shade along those lines is suitable. The palette of colors worn should be earthy tones. She keeps the attention on her beautiful face and amazing physique, instead of on what she's wearing.
Wear what's comfortable. Kate's favorite jeans? Classic Levi's. Lounging around, she wears a Juicy Couture jogsuit. Don't get too casual, though. Kate always looks put together, not falling apart.
Pay attention to detail. Kate always matches her accessories to her outfits. Her purses compliment her look, rather than taking attention away from it. Stay with the neutral palette with these also. The brands of purses she gravitates towards are brands such as Prada and Yves Saint Laurent.
Splurge for those special nights. Kate definitely knows how to glam it up. Gucci is a top pick of hers for her red carpet events. She chooses dresses that are classic, feminine and flowy, without going overboard.