Sunday, July 5, 2009

~How to Dress Like ...Rachel McAdams

By eHow Fashion, Style & Personal Care Editor

Fans admire Rachel McAdams for her glamorous, old-school Hollywood style. The superstar has a wardrobe filled with sleek couture gowns that flatter her slight figure and classically beautiful face. There's nothing grungy or rumpled about her. With the right fashion choices, you can capture this icon's signature elegance. Here's how to dress like Rachel McAdams.


1.Choose fabrics with deep color, high shine and considerable weight. Rachel McAdams usually pics dresses in rich, luminous fabrics that capture her glowing good looks--silk satin instead of chiffon. She's not big on pale pastels and instead opts for contrasting colors like black and white or vibrant shades of red, purple and deep pink.
2.Stick with classic silhouettes. Rachel McAdams may be seen in a variety of designers, colors and even hair styles, but the one thing that remains constant is her preference for simple, clean lines. She wears timelessly styled pieces like strapless gowns, simple, straight-legged pants with fitted blouses and classic hemlines. There's little fuss in Rachel McAdams' look.
3.Be a romantic at heart. Rachel McAdams' choices sometimes include lace, satin, long, flowy bodices and period-inspired pieces. When you shop, pass over overly trendy items and skip anything that's masculine or no-nonsense. Dressing like Rachel McAdams requires embracing your inner girly-girl.
4. Always get it right. Rachel McAdams is one of the few celebrities who rarely if ever disappoints. Sticking to a classic, timeless style means she rarely pushes the envelope. Aside from a wardrobe malfunction or two that might be blamed on choosing the wrong size, Rachel McAdams is admired by even the toughest celebrity fashion critics.
5. Match your hairstyle to your outfit. In tribute to old Hollywood glamour, Rachel McAdams often has a Veronica Lake inspired lanky hairdo that complements her elegant attire.


Laura said...

Just lovely style. There's something to be said for classic style, Plus I am also in love with Penelope Cruz and Isla Fisher. Wonderful post sweetie!